Spelhouse Connection…

Driving north on Lincoln Blvd by LAX, I notice this maroon SUV with a Spelman College license frame. Mind you…I am constantly looking for those frames. They can reveal a lot (i.e. college you attended, where you bought your car, who ate the last piece of pie?)  So, we’re at the point of Lincoln where we both must go north. Headed to school, I know I have four stoplights in which to pull up next to her and drop those famous lines, “Hey, you went to Spelman? I went to Morehouse. Class of ’06.” The best responses are always those in which the other person is clearly less enthused than I am. “That’s nice…see you later.”

I’m driving trying to arrange my car so that my window is aligned with hers.  One stoplight…two spot lights…three spotlights…yeah, it’s tough when you’re not trying to get into an your second accident in a week (I was not a fault)…but, here comes my turn…

In that five minute drive, two things became evident. One…I shouldn’t scroll through my iPod while driving a stick. Shit’s difficult. Two…I miss that personal Spelhouse connection. It’s been a while.


4 thoughts on “Spelhouse Connection…

  1. Katrina says:

    I actually feel the same way when I see plate holders or stickers. I’ve been tempted to leave a card on a car’s windshiled once or twice.

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