Killer of Sheep (1977) + Manhattan (1979)

Killer of Sheep (1977) by Charles Burnett and Manhattan (1979) by Woody Allen


2 thoughts on “Killer of Sheep (1977) + Manhattan (1979)

  1. nevormind says:

    This is Norman, friend of Rodney Andrews. I have a question and something to share. Why did you contrast the two films and my brother-in-law was a character in Killer of Sheep. He is a Burnett. Charles Burnett cast his family regurly during that time.

    • LeeDowell says:

      I contrast the films because I love them both. I believe Woody Allen borrowed that shot from Burnett, and I wanted to give Burnett his just due. I also like the juxtaposition in mood between affluent white couple in New York and poor black couple in Watts.

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