A Wu-Tang Kind of Love

I’m not a huge Wu-Tang fan; however, they represent the ideal relationship. What makes Wu-Tang special is that each member is spectacular on his own. It’s quite uncanny. They are really like Voltron, even when a piece is sorely missing. Wu-Tang is Wu-Tang, each member has a distinct voice and style, yet they are still one. No member is better nor more important than other. When they are not together, each member is free to record his own solo album. Sometimes, they team up with non-Wu-Tang members. It’s the ideal partnership.

Imagine a non-platonic relationship behaving like that. When all the persons in the relationship are together, each still carries his or her distinct individualism, but together – they act as one unit. Although they are together, each person, at one’s own choosing, can leave the group for solo projects (maybe make music with other artists), but always have a home with the group. It’s the Wu-Tang love.


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