America on this Christmas

Earlier this week, I decided to remove myself from the social media platforms Twitter and Instagram as well as not reading US news as regularly as I had been. For those of you who do not know, I currently live in South Korea. I’ve been here four months, and in those four months, I’ve had the displeasure of staying highly connected to the events and issues back in States. I’ve learned more about Donald Tump, his racism, and the racists that support him than anyone should, but Trump is just the current face of American’s Hate. You can take a page out of any of the Republican candidate’s book and see the hate. This is not a Republican issue. Only 19 Democratic voted against H.B. – 158 . One of these who voted in favor of the bill was a Loretta Sanchez (D – CA) who is currently running for soon to be vacant Senators seats. Discrimination is bi-partisan, cross cultural issue.

Yesterday, I read more swill lobbed at dead 12-year old boy, and I am tired. I’m tired of dealing with America’s ills while living in another country. The worse part is that my entire life has been lived trying to best mitigate these acts on my mind and body. It is a part of me. From the time my father lamented that time he took his hands off the steering wheel when he got pulled over, wishing he had not done that, while indirectly warning me against making the same mistake to getting pulled over only to have my friend in the passenger seat reach to turn down the radio and me screaming at her not to move. The trauma is deep, and the fear is real. Still, I’ve been fortunate. I have male, class, and hetero privilege has helped me. (Imagine if I were a poor, queer, person of color? Again, we don’t have to imagine.)

I’m 31.  Until recently, I lived in America my entire life. I no longer have to be a passive participant in the hate and fear that fuel America. I do not have to be one click away from being reminded how little America values People of Color.

I’ll show myself out.


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