HAaa, okay racists…

These are my final days in Korea, and I must say, America has not disappointed from afar. I watched as America made Donald Trump president.  (I voted for Hillary Clinton even from Korea.) I watched as he appointed racist after racist to positions. I simply watched – even though I had the ability to ignore, I couldn’t. As an American, I love America and want it to its best self. And truly, that’s all black Americans have ever wanted. We (like all peoples in America) wanted the same rights and privileges white males enjoy in America. Some nearly 400 hundreds since William Tucker, it still has yet to happen. Instead, we have race riots in 2017 because white people elected a racist, sexist, xenophobe to be president with his homophobic VP attached all to protect white their perceived supremacy.

I look forward to my return home. I just wish white people would understand that what happened in Charlottesville is as American as apple pie. Until white America addresses white supremacy and the legacy of slavery, these things will continue happen.


P.S. – One of my favorite scenes in cinema is the opening shot of The Godfather.


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