ME…ME…me…all about ME! Well…read this blog if you’d like to read the thoughts, fears, and joys of a twenty-something attempting to navigate life as a Black male nationalist, feminist, socialist, atheist, who enjoys running, jumping, biking, etc…

One positive aspect of this blog is that it allows me to voice beliefs that are rarely elicited through conversation. I don’t know why, but most folk assume I eat chicken and love God.

It’s funny to me…if any of my family members ever visited this blog, the conversations they would have with me and their opinions of me would likely change.

Oh yeah…I do not hide on-line. All views are penned by me and are true to the time of their postings. I am willing to verbally express these opinions when appropriate. I am not ashamed of any my beliefs.


One thought on “Me

  1. revolutionaryandjoyful says:

    “Black male nationalist, feminist, socialist, atheist.”

    wow. How come I only run across people like you on the internet? Do y’all exist in real life?

    Anyways, keep up the struggle. I’m always glad to come across a black nationalist who doesn’t preach that all would be right with Black America if only Black women would stay in their place.


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