After May 9th…graduation…

“So…what are you going to do after you graduate?”

Hm…well…after my nap but before my ProTools spectacular, I stopped by several liquor stores today.  The trip started at the southwest corner of Alondra and Wilmington and ended just north of Imperial.  While in Watts, I stopped at an old, but well kept restaurant I have passed by for years (twenty-six years to be exact), Jordan’s Cafe. It was established before the spring of ’92…before that summer of ’65…before any of my grand parents arrived to LA, and still it stands. Still it serves (as its menu reads) “fine food for fine people”. As I stood in this two story sunlit eatery ordering fries (they didn’t have veggie burgers at that moment), I was reminded of why I exist.

I exist for those three girls who sat and waited for their food.  I exist for that brother who ate his sandwich with “RIP” tatted on his neck. I exist for those beggars’ who danced in front of Handy Dell And Liquor to a beat-up Datsun…”if you want something to play with/go find yourself a toy”…I exist for every person who crawled, walked, and lied for me to do what I do now, and yet to crawl.

Every degree I obtain bears the weight of centuries of oppression and a lifetime of mistrust and doubt. Every film I make is not my story, but a conglomerate of those who may not craft timeless prose about life’s trials, but live them. My successes are bigger than me. They are a collective effort of far too many to name. My failure is impossible as long as I stay true myself and community while steadfastly seeking honesty, truth, equity, freedom, and justice.

In those roughly three linear miles, I reaffirmed my commitment to being a spokesperson for my community.  In those three miles, I realized what road on which  start come May 10th.

Yeah…yeah…yeah…I know…I know, “but, how are you going to make money?’ Honestly, I’m not sure. But, making money was never reason for existence.

That’s what I’m doing after graduation.


2 thoughts on “After May 9th…graduation…

  1. C M N says:

    Word :) I would say “wow, this is really inspiring” but I’ve known you felt this way since I first met you but I’m happy you got a little reinforcement along with some exercise. Much love to the AD of the CPT.

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